Radical Hospitality

I was in awe of the phrase “Radical Hospitality” when I first heard it preached on. It is strange what it means to be hospitable radically. To give no fear of first impressions, to want to know someones soul when you meet them, and then to forgive all past transgressions for the current conversation. In this one act you can move mountains, change worlds, and create a kingdom on earth. Imagine if every place of worship you entered was so radically hospitable that you felt like you were at home with the divine the second you entered. Imagine communities that overwhelmed their new visitors with “Radical Hospitality.” If we can learn how to invite in the foreign, the strange, the new, or the truly divine then we will be closer to God in that moment than we were the moment before. For in each act of “Radical Hospitality” we in turn invite God to enter our heart that much more.

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