Financial Wealth – Why does faith focus on that?

Recently I notice how so many churches are focused on numbers, specifically financial ones. If I have learned anything from my financial experience is that the more you wine about lack of something, the less you will receive. Progressive communities of faith are in a crisis because they have failed to be visionary, to reach out, or to be risky. In order for the progressive church to find new ways to change we must focus on the gifts we do have. By focusing on these gifts we will see new ministry forming and transforming the world. In doing this we will also start to see money, because people support things that they believe in and that are transforming the world for the better.

Progressive church communities can no longer drool over the past. A past in which if you built it they would come, no they will not come anymore unless they are invited. Go out and invite them, and stop “mortgaging the future for the sake of the past” (1).

1. Rev. Dick Storment, District Superintendent, Yellowstone Annual Conference of the UMC, June 2009,

One thought on “Financial Wealth – Why does faith focus on that?

  1. "…the more you wine about lack of something, the less you will receive."Great point.This is something we all need to work on. We need to stop creating negative self-fulfilling prophecies, and focus on the positive.Positive thinking breeds positive outcomes.

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