A Release from Sin Theology

Lookin in the mirror
wondering if it is true
You can feel the brokenness they say is inside of you,

When you were dancing down the street you felt so free,
Now you feel stuck like the roots of an old tree have rooted you to the ground un-naturally,

What could you have possibly done to feel this way?

You were innocent as you embarked this way.
Now the guilt is rushing in,
and all you see is how you SINNED, what SIN, WHAT SIN!!?!!

When suddenly you trip on that old book,
and you take a moment for a look,
As each page turns you realize the depth of human demise,
of war and death and ignorance.

Then you come to a narrative, a grand story
About a child, a blessed one.
Who said to us all – “Let this feeling of guilt be done:
I remove you greatest fear, so you may know that love is near.
And as you go to sleep this night, know this:
I will be with you and stay by your side, so that if fear returns I may shine the the light again.
For sin is but a controlling thing, be free to go beyond.
Do not let these old words bind, but instead use them to free the blind.

Some may say the end has come, to them I say it is all but done.
Live this day your daily bread,
I pray that you are always fed,
but do not live by bread alone.
For it cannot role back the stone.
My friend do not despair, we all wear underwear,
Be free to see the light that is:
Our Father, Our Mother, Creator, God.

Do not fear that all life is,
is a fancy magic show.

Feel the reality instead, that which you know:

That love will wipe things clean as snow.”

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