The Taming of God

God has been tamed, it is abundantly clear now.
He is nestled safe within the walls of our churches.
Safe is how we like God to be, safe and right where we know he is.
We can go about our days arriving safely in church once or maybe twice a week,
and there God is waiting to pat us on the back.
“Good job my child, you have done well, just try and do better here.”

How boring can it get?

A God that is really engaged in humanity is out there among us each day. Our companion, our friend, our coach, our challenger, but always pushing us to grow.
Good friends say they pray each day and all the time. God likes this cause he knows what you think. But God is talking too, listen and it mysteries will arrive.

As a Christian…Jesus is the ultimate un-taming of God, the unraveling, the one who said, “Free God from these temple walls, let all know that God is everywhere. Let all know that God is here for all and not bound by rules.”

A thought experiment for you today: Consider if God is real or not to you?

If God is real to you, imagine the life of one who does not see God as real? There is nothing wrong with a life lived with no God, it is when we lack humbleness and strength that we do not live.

If you do not believe in God, imagine a life of one who sees God as real? It is no less to imagine a powerful force affecting our lives, for we or finite and we want to imagine beyond that. There is nothing wrong with a life lived guided by some seemingly unimaginable force, as long as it is a life filled with virtue.

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