Wholeness, Eudaimonia, the real purpose of Christianity…

To find your soul,

To know your being,

To feel purpose,

To comprehend peace,

is to know the Christ of life, the God the permeates, and the spirit inside us.

Recently a young person gave me this definition of sin, “Anything that God does not want us to do.”  This is something she learned from popular culture, it was her theology, that God’s purpose was to sit up there and tell us all that we do wrong.

For too long this has been the understanding of the Christian God both inside and outside of Christianity.  The God of Christianity is so much bigger than an image of a judge on a throne.  Instead the image that can be seen through a Christ that brings wholeness is a God that can bring wholeness.  And through the relational God of the Old Testament we receive a relational God who is willing to interact with humanity.

Knowing this we know that Christianity is about a relationship with God that makes us whole.  A Christ that comes to heal us, to remind us that despite the pain of life, that love is possible.  We all live in darkness and it is meant to be a part of relationship with God, but if we search for the light we will find it.  Christ brings wholeness…eudaimonia(greek for living in accord with one’s true self).  If we can calm our thoughts and search for Christ, live with God, and let the spirit guide us we will find our life’s true purpose.

Blessings to you all…Matthew 9:27-31

5 thoughts on “Wholeness, Eudaimonia, the real purpose of Christianity…

  1. I wondered as I read the first part of your post if part of the disconnect in understanding God as more than a judge on a throne is within the disconnect of understanding the Trinity. Is the Trinity so complex that people do not understand God is Jesus and therefore as understanding and relational? Your post has me contemplating the Trinity in all its complexity and how the world views it both within religion and within their lives. Thank you for this post.

  2. Your distinction between what some believe the Christian tradiiton is, “judgement,” and a more healthy, wholistic understanding is very clear. And it brings out the tension we all live with, the joy and pain of life. As Christians, how do you think we can live out the wholeness of the good news? I would enjoy hearing what that look like to you.

    Thank you for encouraging me to live into the wholeness I believe Christ brings to my life.

  3. In our highly individualistic culture, it is easy to hear your eloquent words about wholeness as if you meant them to apply only to individuals. Did you? What would you add to point toward wholeness in community/communion? I’m looking forward to more eloquent words to borrow! Cathie

    • Cathie – it looks as if I won’t be blogging further on this right now, but let me say the following: Wholeness to me and the body of Christ speaks to all of creation. We can not live out of communion with the outside world, we as beings were created to be a part of that creation. Wholeness then can only come from connection to creation and that means living as a part of a community of holy interrelated connectedness. While individual development is extremely important to this process because we are individual and made separate by the nature of our existence. We must be always reminded that we will not find individual development locked away from creation. Instead, we will find in communion with our living surroundings some of the greater wholeness of God.

  4. Tyler, the title of your post caught my attention because in my long contemplation to tattoo or not to tattoo, I have discovered that the word “eudaimonia” will be included if I do. Part of my theology is that I believe that with the living God within us, we are designed to love God and our neighbors as ourselves in a way that is authentic. I used to be in a position, too, where I thought God was chief of police, judge, and jury. I was so unhealthy and lost. Once I realized God’s grace and let the Spirit live in and through me, life has taken quite a beautiful turn that has led to an incredible spiritual journey. Thanks for your post!

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