Wind…it’s creepy and it is God

The creaking of branches

The waving of trees

No one knows the cause

Could it be God

Could it be something more sinister

All I know is that I tremble

Ok, so we have been having a lot of wind lately.  I find the sound of wind outside my apartment to be one of the most creepy sounds.  Yet, it is the first appearance of God’s spirit in Genesis and that somehow gives me comfort.  What does this ridiculous phrase have to do with the Good News of Christ?

God is in even those things that creep us out and make us scared.  Christ has freed us to know that God is present with us and in these scary things.  For me this helps me envision a greater wisdom of God, that God can find a way to be with us even when things around us can be bad.  Bad things do happen.  While I do not have  an understanding that can pretend to understand why they happen, I do believe that God is present with us even in the bad of life.  Jesus demonstrated this by living a life in relationship with God and even in a horrible death trusting that God would be with him.

4 thoughts on “Wind…it’s creepy and it is God

  1. Yes, God was with Jesus on the cross and is with us in our walk, in our waffling, and even in the wind. That should make us love the wind even more, and yet, we beg God to restrict the presence of the Spirit to sunshine and daffodils. My Grandmother used to call me her bounce-back girl, and I used to think, it is nice that God gave me that gift, I just wish I didn’t have to use it quite so often. And yet, as you say, it is God’s presence even when things around us are bad that gives us courage to endure, even when we don’t understand. Thanks so much for reminding us of that!

  2. i like the wind in the trees and in your blog! and the recognition that Reality can freak us out, that life is a wild ride, full of moments of sheer terror and days of stupefying boredom and monotony. It is our limited perspectives and primitive survival instincts that create the fear, of what hurts, of what we do not understand, cannot predict, and cannot control. I am grateful for your affirmation! Yes. I, too, believe that God is with us, no matter what our perceptions are of what Is. “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Name of the LORD.”

  3. Yes mystery! Your blog is a wonderful reminder of the power of God. The wind that keeps you up at night is the same wind that makes us smile as it blows through windchimes or cools us on a hot day. God is powerful and gentle. God moves in the world in so many ways — it is so important to remember to keep ourselves open to all of them. Thank you for your post!

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