Christianity one, not THE ONE

As I wrap up my writing for my class on mission and evangelism for Christianity I need to comment on how I will “spread the Good News of Jesus” to the world.  As someone who was raised Christian this is not an easy task, there is so much baggage in Christianity.  People have committed the most horrible atrocities in the name of Christ, and even though some try to deny that it was done by Christians, I want to admit that it was.

The other key piece I know to be true is that far too much of Christianity has been forced on people through power and violence.  Making it a religion of the colonizer and this is something we as Christians must also claim.

The light comes in the knowledge that the message of Christ has also spelled freedom to so many of the oppressed and cast out.  It has created a story in which they have been able to build themselves up and were able to escape oppression.  It has been to me a message of peace from the tyranny of a culture who has forgotten that the true message of life, is love and connection.

My understanding of sharing the Good News of Christ will be this…I will share the spirit of Christ and the rules of John Wesley.  The spirit of Christ being the golden rule and John Wesley…Do No Harm, Do Good, and stay in love with God.  My second purpose will be to let all no that God loves all people no matter what they are or believe.  We as Christians are one group, of many people, among many groups.  There is much more I could say about what I will spread, but this is the gist.  Blessings on your journey.

2 thoughts on “Christianity one, not THE ONE

  1. Thank you for openly stating the tragedy and the beauty of Christianity’s history. A wonderful former history teacher used to tell us that the reason to study history was to be sure that we didn’t repeat it. I think of this now as we move forward as co-creators with God to fulfill God’s plan. The Good News indeed is to share the spirit of Christ, and Wesley helps us understand how. Thanks!

  2. Tyler, I look forward to hearing the “more.” What you name as the “gist” is not distinctively Christian.
    So what makes following the way of Christ compelling for you? It doesn’t have to be compelling for others – but as a leader, I would think it would be compelling for you… Cathie

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