God’s Presence in Healing

One the diminishing dimensions of God’s presence in our imaginations is in the process of healing.  In a culture that has such a huge understanding of the medical sciences it is hard to leave any healing to the realm of the unknown, the spirit or God.  This develops into problems when we are seeing that for individuals a changing and matching of their cosmology with their lives is an important correlation.  How can we as Christian leaders create a Christ that will be able to handle the complex questions that come with advanced scientific understanding?

Also, what happens when medical sciences can not answer the tough questions?  Is there still room for God to heal?

One of the jobs of future clergy is to engage faith communities in helping the process of healing.  Let’s set miraculous healing aside, we need to create faith communities where people search out healing together.  We need to support theologies that embrace medical and alternative forms of healing.  It is one of our spiritual duties according to Corinthians.

I guess my rambling point is, God, the spirit, Christ still needs to be very present in healing and we need to encourage this in our communities.

2 thoughts on “God’s Presence in Healing

  1. Yes, yes and always yes. God the creative imaginative transforming Love, who sustains the universe and teaches us to forgive and empowers us to hope and work for peace, what else can you call that God but God our Healer??!!

  2. Tyler, you might find conversation with Anne DM to be helpful as you explore dimensions of how communities of faith can be circles of healing living. This is worth exploring. Wesley defined healing broadly and that’s why he got involved in the medical as well as the spiritual sides of it. Perhaps it is time to get beyond having “sides”. Cathie

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