Presence of the Spirit in our world

How do we name the presence of the spirit in our world?  We know that toady one of the most powerful things humans can do is name something.  Psychotherapists have known this truth for some time, as most of the battle in therapy is naming the problem.  Once the problem has been named, solutions become easier.  It is therefore important to help people name where they see the spirit of God in the world.  By naming the spirit in the moments we recognize the divine we create peace in the world.  Peace coming directly from the presence of the divine mystery.

The challenge for the coming generation is learning how to see this in all things mysterious.  Finding scientific answers is great, but keeping awe in the natural world is important.  It has been important throughout our history.  It is why the Pentecost holiday was held so late in spring, to notice the amazing blooming of the natural world around them(an idea of Dr. Albert Hernandez, Iliff).  In the moment the world blooms in our world you can see the spirit of life at work.

God is in spirit

spirit is in the world

we are in the world

the spirit of God is with us

Peace be with you

3 thoughts on “Presence of the Spirit in our world

  1. YES!!! I love that Spirit of Peace blooming in my Self, in my life. To see that “every common bush is aflame with God” is to see with the eye of the Heart having been enlightened by that Spirit. It is the only Eye that can see God, the One invisible, immortal, God only Wise…

  2. In full bloom we can see beauty, new life and promise. I do agree that naming things helps us to be more aware of what we are working with. What about when you can’t name it? What do you do when you just can’t place your feelings or don’t understand where feelings come from about a particular issue? What do we do when we can not place a name on what we are experiencing?

  3. Tyler, are you suggesting, without outright saying it, that scientific naming is not enough, that awe comes when Spirit’s presence is also named? Or, that awe might be a sign of Spirit’s presence that would help one to recognize and name it?
    There’s an interesting logical leap you have made that might be worth exploring in another context. Well done! Cathie

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