Great preaching takes simple insight

Tonight I heard a sermon from Adventure Rabbi Jamie Korngold, of Boulder, CO.  It was a beautiful message about the upgrade of humanity’s interaction with God since the beginning.  The eloquent exegesis of the Abraham and Issac tale as the first step beyond the old way of sacrificing to our God.  Then upgrading to our biblical texts which gave us a way to transport and interpret God in ways that we unheard of.  Through science which appears to have stolen the awe of God, and finally to today when people see their traditions as portraying a God who takes judgments and decides final resting status.  Rabbi Korngold has nailed it, the problem of God today is that we have not upgraded.  Our legends of God do not help us deal with the questions of today.

It is time for us to unpack these questions and to learn how God will be revealed to us now.  Many find God nature, others in art, but in truth we are searching for the next expression of the divine in our world.  Where will it be found?

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