Playfulness is what Church is….it is the second coming!!!

As I think about church leadership in the future it is a group of people who are willing to play with the people they work with.  When I say play I mean this…that we will be willing to share in life, show new ways to see God, reach out to those who want to explore God with us, not be comfortable with one way of being with God, and constantly asking questions like a child.

We need people willing to play with people in all walks of life, to be in the messiness of life.

“The badge of this new world? Service….. just plain doing good to other people, all other people, any other people, any time they need help or encouragement.”

We are not trying to bring about a second coming anytime, we are trying to bring playfulness to the world now.  We are trying to help people be less serious about their realities, to not hold on so intensely to life and instead learn how to play through life.

Quiet play, loud play, compassion play, loving play, explorative play….

It is through an openness of play that good accountable Christian movements will happen.  A complete change will happen.  People can trust people, and we will learn how to be kinder to one another.  Jesus did this…he learned how to play with people and love them.  He re-taught the imagination and became accountable to all through this way.

Let’s God play and play well…..

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