An Ode to the Rumble Strip

Gracious Warning Rumble

Oh, but my skills of writing will never truly be able to portray the mastery of the almighty controller of the road, the rumble strip.  This bevel of asphalt can follow its lineage back to the strong, deep, and much harsher controller, the barrow pit.  In its youth the rumble strip could but hardly wake the sleeping operator of the automobile.  While it would induce a slight jarring vibration, it could only keep drivers from its more violent ancestor.

In its maturity it has been deepened and hardened to make the automobilist unable to miss its vigorous vibrations.  Our compassionate rumble strip, now too, has multiplied from the shoulder of two lanes highways to the middle, assuring that motorists may not cross either line in their attempts at unconscious operation.

What may come near to the vigilance and the might of the rumble strip?  Perhaps you could compare it to the guard rail strong and sturdy, the concrete barrier solid and unmoving, or the steel cable.  However, none comes close to the gentleness and protection of the rumble strip.

With the guidance to even provide sleepless nights for those living near highways and interstates.  This humble beveled rock is always present to kindly save vehicle and motorist from impending dangers.

Gracious Rumble Strip,

May your rock stay ever deep and beveled

that you may vibrate the tires of passing motorists

to keep their minds quick and their hearts racing.

Rumble strip, savior of the road, bring your grace to us

in the long nights of driving that we may

come safely home

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