Updating your hard drive…

Recently my computer did one of those hiccups that makes you wonder why we put so much time and energy into these machine to help order our life.  On top of that you will notice I haven’t posted very many blogs recently.  What have I been up to and what does the first sentence have to do with anything.  The truth is I have been living life to the fullest, by waking up each day, working out, doing homework, hanging out with my family and friends, but what made me realize I was living it so well was that I hadn’t backed up my computer in like 3 months.  Then when my computer almost died I almost lost all the pictures from those 3 months.  I had done a lot in those 3 months, and I got a lot scared about losing all those memories.

So, the lesson for me was this…life is best lived in those moments when we forget to backup our hard drives.  When it is so good we don’t have to remember the past cause we are interacting so vividly with our world that each moment makes a memory.  So go out there and if you forget to back up your hard drive, relax there is another moment just around the corner to add to it.

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