Baptismal Water…It connects us 2

For a gathering I am to attend in June we have been asked to bring water from a nearby stream, to put together with others to remember our baptism.  As I was thinking about this I thought about the pollution we too would bring with us.  What and image of Christianity tied to creation and the damage inflicted on creation?

Imagine this for a moment…we are baptized in water.  A fluid that has connected us all as living beings for as long as we have existed.  It has been consumed, recycled, used and disposed.  The water I was baptized in at some point was connected to Christ as the water Christ was baptized in flowed in the Jordan, then to the Sea to be evaporated and carried in rain around the world.

Then imagine pollution…our communal sin.  A reality we cannot escape as it is a waste of how we live, though we can limit it.  As this group of people brings together the life force of water that is vital to our tradition.  To remember the moment that the Christian tradition baptized us for service in the world.  We will also share in the poison of our sin and remember that God forgives what we do.  Yet the life force water and sin are both still there.  For us to share in, we are all connected and we must work together for peace and justice.  We all share the waters of the world, the cleansing, life giving water….Peace be with you.

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