Preparing Holy Places

As I a prepare the message for church this Sunday I have been reading the scripture text Genesis 28:10-19.  This is a part of the story of Jacob…a character usually considered to be sly and cheating, but also revered as a intelligent and wise.

As I read one interpretation of this text it talked about the process Jacob went about in becoming whole.  Preparing Holy Places is many times about preparing ourselves to be beacons of love and wisdom in our communities.  Jacob’s struggle to understand himself is a struggle all of us endure in our lives.  Many of us discover this in our teen years, or as life changes.  Some of us discover this about intimate pieces of ourselves much later in life.  No matter when you discover something of yourself it is important to be reminded that God loves you just the way you are.

In this scripture Jacob builds a small monument to his holy moment.  As he discovers he is to be the beginning of a grand vision.  May we find times in our lives to build a small monument to our personal struggles to understand our inner callings.  Whether that is a night out with friends, a completion of a physical goal(hiking, climbing, swimming etc), or creating something to remind you of your self worth.  Monuments remind us that our work, our lives are sacred and that any time we ordain and set apart is Holy.  Discovering ourselves is holy work.

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