Eschatology of Now

In an age where we are constantly seeing the next prediction of the world’s imminent demise it is important to develop an understanding of what the end times mean to you.  

I think it is important that I share what is both a highly technical term, but very beautiful word eschatology.  Eschatology is a rather pretty word as they go.  It sounds like a term you could sing in the shower over and over again and sound like you are singing opera.  Eschatology…..Eschatology…  I am not an opera singer.  

Eschatology means the study of the eschaton.  Now really Tyler, we want a workable definition not just another word.  The eschaton refers to the end of the present world.  Most times when it is brought up it literally means the study of the end times.  So, next time you watch the news and someone is talking about the end of the world…you will think eschatology.  Right?

 If we read Paul in the Bible, there is an opportunity to take away the eschatology of now.  We have a privileged place to stand in history and see with hindsight that Christ has not yet returned in the triumphal entry that we understand Paul believed.  An eschatology of now recognizes that this triumphal return of Christ has not yet happened, but recognizes that each step in time we take is one closer to a just and peaceful Kingdom of God.  In each moment we have experienced the ending of one world.  Each moment is an eschatological ending of the earth, a time that we can not experience again.  

Along with this we recognize that each moment is a chance for us to live more fully into the calling God has for us.  No matter how simple it may seem in a complex world.  We have been asked to live lives that demonstrate God’s love in the world.  With and Eschatology of Now what will this mean to you.  How will you prepare for the end time…


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