UMC General Conference and the amazing United Methodist Women

Pastor’s Corner from St. Paul’s UMC APril 28, 2012


As we speak General conference is taking its day of sabbath, they take one day in two weeks to rest and reflect on what is happening.  General Conference is the international gathering of United Methodists that takes place once every four years.  This year it is taking place April 24-May 4, in Tampa, Florida.  Pastor Marianne is there now and is in the midst of everything as our reserve clergy delegate.  At General Conference there are reports on the mission and ministry of the church, there is voting on legislation that determines the functioning of our denomination and our social stances, and there is powerful worship that happens.  I encourage you all to check out, click live streaming, then click live streaming archives.  This is a great place to watch some of the things happening at this conference.  

Another large part of communication happening at this conference is social media: Twitter and Facebook.  These tools are being used to share the happenings of the conference live with the world.  Many people have been asking me what the purpose of the tools can be, “Why tweet?”  The answer I have been giving is that it is a powerful way to share live the happenings around you.  Many of the recent democratic revolutions such as Egypt, were successful because ordinary people could share news and organize.  These tools become a powerful way to connect and bring about change.  Please take some time to follow Pastor Marianne tweeting her experience at General Conference,  Follow all of the General Conference tweets by going to the or by following them on Twitter #gc2012.  


In following Twitter feeds of General Conference(#gc2012) I ran across a picture from the United Methodist Women’s(UMW) Creative Director, Emily Miller. It was a picture of the display the UMW had placed at General Conference.  Each agency, ministry group and division of the United Methodist denomination was asked to set up a display for the delegates of the conference to look at.


“In 600 square feet, it is impossible to show 143 years of women in mission, the work our members are doing in their churches and communities everyday, the lives transformed through the global ministries of the Church, and all the ways United Methodist Women will move in the next 143 years. 


So,  instead, we used money to fully fund the seminary education of two female local pastors in Cameroon.


Turning faith, hope and love into action.”


Our UMW here at St. Paul’s is alive and vibrant.  You will find them serving food for functions, providing hospitality for funerals, raising and giving money for mission.  If you are looking for a group that is active in the community and the church I encourage you to see if UMW fits you.  If you are interested please mark the other section of the presence form and write UMW.




Pastor Tyler



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