Powerful Women…Balanced World

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When I get the chance to teach the new member class at our church I always ask:  What brought you to our church?  What about it made you want to stay?  It is a great time to learn people’s stories about the experiences in their lives that have brought them to our community to learn, grow and serve the world.

Since I get to answer this question over and over again.  My response is generally this:  “Powerful Women.”

That is the honest truth about why I am hear and why I was so excited to come back and serve St. Paul’s.  The part behind my answer is this, my amazing mother encouraged me to keep this community as a part of my life even through my desire to push away from it.  The Bishop(a woman) had the wisdom along with a female District Superintendent to appoint me here to serve.  And along with that I have the privilege of serving with a talented colleague that encourages me to grow.  Then there is also my spouse and life partner whom joins with me in seeing the possibility of what the future holds and supports me when that is hard.

In American culture today there still exists enough of a push to assume women are not a powerful gender.   For this reason I think it is important to point out that powerful women equal balance for our world.   Women are a part of the fabric of our reality as humanity, and for myself this fact is played out everyday in the people I live work, serve, and encounter.  Without powerful women I would not be the person I am today and I am grateful for them.

Sarah Kay’s Ted talk spoke to me the minute I started watching it.  Particularly the way she dove into the reality of life and examined how we all have heartache.  In particular she challenged me to remember the depth of the women around me, our world still pushes women to be everything to all people.  Women are still considered less by many people in our culture, this means there is still a quiet underlying assumption they have to overcome in the workplace, home, in family, in society, and the world.  It is quiet, internal work they do everyday when they wake up.  It is important to remember this…because it means we all still have work to do, so that our daughters someday might not have to live with that reality.

So…I commit to remembering the females that have changed my life and to honor them for who they are.  And Ill remember to call my mom.

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