Another choice. Why Methodism?

Many times I have been asked, “Why I chose to be a Methodist Pastor?” The church is declining in membership, young people are not sure of its importance, and people are wondering if they even need religion. The Methodist movement maintains part of the answer to this. The central notion of Methodism is to involve groups of people gathering together to talk about their faith and how to actively share that with the world. Sharing faith is conversation and support that helps sustain in trying live a Christlike life. Faith sharing can be about: the challenges we face in maintaining healthy relationships, where we see pain and injustice in the world and want to change it, the challenges we face each day, the joy we experience, or anything that impacts our lives.

Sharing with each other reminds us of God’s love in our lives. Religion becomes vital when we recognize that by sharing our faith and going out to live we live as Christ. We see things that we would not see by sharing with one another and we work to address the problems in our world.

Methodists then go one step further and say this isn’t enough for me to just do this work amongst ourselves, lets find out what they do down the road or in the next town. We create faith sharing communities that overcome the physical and political boundaries that separate us. Our goal in doing this is the same as it is to share with a group in our local town, to share the burden of living challenging lives and seeking to bring love to our world.

Why Methodist? Because we can’t share a love as big as what Christ taught by ourselves.

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler


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