Hopes for GC2016 and Why in the world I chose to represent my conference now?

What is your hope for General Conference? 

As an emerging global church I pray General Conference can begin the process of seeing unity among diversity.  We do incredible things together as a global church ranging from UMCOR, to Global Young People’s Convocation, to the Advance, to Imagine No Malaria, and more.  Our challenge as a global church is that we need to reflect that in how we operate administratively.  For too long the church has been dominated by the the church in the United States in how decisions are made.  My hope at GC 2016 is that we can see the transition begin to being a global church united in making disciples to transform the world and capable of regionally making decisions about how best accomplish this in our context.  

Why were you called to serve on the delegation?

My call to serve as a delegate at this point in my life had a few factors.

  1. For family and the churches I serve this year was a time I could work to have the focus for General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference. 
  2. With my service on the Division on Young People’s Ministry over the last quadrennium and my service in two other conferences  I felt my connections at the General Church level were at an adequate level to help me be an effective delegate with supportive resources across our United Methodist Connection.
  3. The call also came from a passion to see us remain a unified denomination with diversity in belief.  We are a big tent church.  This is a huge advantage on the world stage forus to communicate with multiple audiences a message of God’s love.  There are divisive issues and most are around human sexuality, but I have faith that God can help us to find ways to break our cycles of disagreement.  My call is to help our denomination becomes radically hospitable to all people and also embraces a wide diversity of belief.  


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