Small Groups

This blog is designed to spark conversations for small groups of people seeking to find God in the moments around them, be inspired to change the world, and wanting to share God’s love with everyone.  Small groups are a way in which we share with each other the challenges and joys of life, and urge each other to find life giving practices that support out lives.

Each week a new post will go up that about a topic area.  Along with it will be a series of 3 questions:  What did you find most interesting?  What challenged you?  How will this change how you live your life?

Along with these posts you will see sermons posted from zestyreverend.  Feel free to use these as topics too.


Each small group should consider these 4 things before forming.

  • Covenant
    • Agreement of group purpose
    • Agreement of group values
  • Prayer
    • Scripture
    • Spiritual
  • Support – Ourselves and others
    • Offering of our personal resources to the world.
    • Sharing in mission with one another.
    • Meeting regularly to listen to problems, and offer assistance when needed.
  • Growing
    • Study ourselves, our faith, our world and learn more.
    • Share with one another the things inspiring us to be in new and helpful ways.


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