Parenting, Preaching, Daddying

So….April is crazy.   Really crazy around our house.  Yet it seems when life is crazy is when I start my best projects.  Tonight is one of those nights.  I will write a Eulogy for an amazing woman, finish preparing for the service, write a pastors corner for Sunday, remember my great family, and grapple with mortality.  Oh and I am starting my blog in a different direction.

Lately my wife and I have been reading blogs written by some really great mothers, who have a ton to say about life.  And I have begun to realize how important it is to share the powerful pieces of our lives, our stories.  So, I am going to start storytelling on this blog.  I’ll stick in some theology, be geeky and nerdy, and be a Dad too.  Consider this a new blog on being Dad, Preacher, Husband and a regular guy.

In a few minutes I will sit down and write a eulogy about an amazing woman whose service is tomorrow.  Every time I have a funeral I feel like I wish I could take a whole day aside to just plan for that time.  It seems like what you should do for someone whose life you are honoring.  Yet, every service that comes up is during the midst of life and dinner still has to be made.  I spent most of the day with our daughter(for this blog I’ll call her C).  We played, cried(as two year olds do), and had a normal day.  Here I am about to write this Eulogy honoring a persons whole life.  A life lived just like I lived today.  Suddenly you realize the precious gift the day was.  Every step I saw C take comes back to me, all the times she said “Daddy, seem more perfect, and I get kinda sappy.  Being around the life and death of human beings makes you vulnerable and emotional.  This is what life is…the vulnerable the emotional.  This is when we are at our most human and sitting in the humble presence of a person’s life makes you realize this happens everyday.

We are fragile creatures, be gentle with life, and honor what it is.

Enthusiastic Peace